You wear your UGGs through rain, snow, and almost all winter long. But once every few months the dust and grime starts building up and before they settle into your beautiful and expensive pair of UGGs you should consider getting them professionally cleaned. At Brantley Cleaners we have perfected our process for cleaning and bringing your UGGs back to a like new condition. We have a 4 step hand process to take care of your UGGs with the utmost of care. First we start with shampooing the sheepskin to get the dirt and grime within off. We then condition the UGGs to make the sure the sheepskin is soft and vibrant as the day you bought them. The next step is a thorough cleanse of the sole of the shoes which picks up the most dirt from the ground. Before we pack your freshly cleaned and practically new UGGs we give them a spray of our very own freshener which helps keep the fresh smell in your UGGs until the next time you bring them in.

Trust the Brantley Cleaners team to take care of your UGGs today!