Brantley Cleaners offers a variety of different cleaning and alteration services. Please see our list below of our most common services that we provide. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just give us a call to see how we can help.


Dry cleaning is the cleaning of a garment with an organic solvent without the use of water. By dry cleaning your garments you are allowing your garments to feel and look brand new and your clothes will actually last longer.


We can clean your UGG boots and restore them almost to their original look. We will freshen them up leaving your UGGS smelling like they were brand new.


Laundry service is the best way to avoid having to wash and iron your own clothes. Our laundry services will make your shirts look better, brighter and cleaner. Oh and the best part is that you can pick to have your shirts folded or placed on hangers.


Trust us with your handbags. We can clean and make them look brand new whether they are leather, suede or cloth material.


Sometimes things happen and we totally get it, We can fix anything and everything and alter them to your liking. Whether you want your suits fitted or your pants tapered. Just bring it in to either our Addison or University Park location and we will work our Brantley Cleaners magic.


You sleep under it every night, but when was the last time you had it dry cleaned? Let us clean your delicate bedspreads and comforters. You won’t believe the difference.


Just don’t have the time to do your own laundry. Let us help. Brantley Cleaners will wash and fold your clothes and make them smelling fresher than ever.


Bring them in or call us and have us come get your upholstery. Watch what happens after we have worked our dry cleaning magic. They will be sure to brighten up any room.


Have clothes that you can’t even trust anyone to touch? Trust us. We will care for your couture garments whether they are your brand new Tory Burch dresses or your Burberry jacket like they are our own. We take care of these garments with the utmost care possible.


When was the last time you got your rug dry cleaned? Imagine the dirt stuck in your rug. Now imagine that all gone. Let Brantley Cleaners help. Bring your rug into either our Addison or University Park location and we will get your rug back to smelling and looking great.


Cleaning these precious items is a delicate operation. Leave it to the experts. We take care of your garments by trying to preserve the exact color and texture of your garment. You’ll never take your special coat or jacket anywhere else again.


Have something else that you might want to get cleaned? Just call us and ask.. I am sure we can find a way to help!


Cleaning these precious items is a delicate operation and we get that. Brantley Cleaners will handle your suede garments to the best of our ability. Which we know is the best available.


Whether you choose to preserve your wedding gown in a box where it will never turn yellow or choose to just get it dry cleaned and placed on a hanger, we know we can make your dress look good and last a lifetime. Why not make what you wore on the most important day of your life something that will always look like it did when you wore it. Drop it off at either our Addison or University Park location and we will get this done for you.


Cleaning your fur garments are our speciality. We know how to handle your finest furs and we know you will love the outcome.