Why is our Dry Cleaning Different?

Our dry cleaning is a process that cleans clothing and textiles using environmentally friendly cleaning solvents. It is a process that cleans clothes without water. This solvent is gentle and harm free for your clothes, textiles and you. It is used to clean delicate fabrics that should not be washed in a traditional washer and dryer. We also inspect, spot treat and repair (with given permission) each individual article of clothing that goes through our dry cleaning process. Since we are family owned and operated you will always be greeted by a friendly and familiar family member and, as a family, we will ensure that we always exceed your expectations.

How long does it take to get my clothes cleaned?

Next Day Service: Clothes are promised the following day after 5:30 pm.

Drop off Pick up
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Monday
Saturday Monday

Same Day Service: Drop your clothes off at any of our locations before 10 am and you can receive your clothes back the same day after 5:30 pm. Please be sure to mention that you would like to receive your clothes back the same day. Same day service is not available on Saturdays, as we would like our employees to enjoy the weekend with their families.

Special Circumstances: We may require your clothes to stay an extra day in order to ensure that we are providing nothing but the best for you. Specialty items and upholstery may take longer than the time listed above.

Do you do alterations? How long is the turn around?

Yes we are more than happy to do any alterations that you may have. Please come into either one of our locations and we will get you taken care of. Turn around time depends on the complexity of the alteration.

Do you preserve wedding gowns?

Yes we do preserve wedding gowns. We are one of the few authorized Wedding Gown Preservation retailers in the Dallas and Addison area. Our boxed packaging has a clear cover so you can still enjoy looking at your wedding gown, while making sure it is protected against yellowing, mold or mildew.

Is Brantley Cleaners a Green Dry Cleaner?

Yes Brantley Cleaners is a Green Dry Cleaner. We are proud to say that each part of our process is environmentally conscious.

Will dry cleaning shrink my clothes?

Dry cleaning will not shrink your clothes. In fact, dry cleaning will keep your clothes looking as good as new. Brantley Cleaners has top of the line dry cleaning technology, which ensures that nothing will go wrong with your clothes.

Does dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

By dry cleaning being a “dry” process, the longevity of your clothes is not affected. On the other hand, by using your traditional washer and dryer, you will be shortening the life of your garment.