Why to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Why to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Now that wedding season is almost over, time to think about preserving the biggest day of your life forever. You have the pictures and the video in the works, why not your beautiful wedding gown also. At Brantley Cleaners, we can preserve your wedding dress in a beautiful white box with treatment that will prevent it from ever yellowing. Below are a few common questions that most customers ask about this service.

What is Wedding Gown Preservation?

  • Wedding Gown Preservation is a special cleaning and packaging process used to make sure your gown retains it’s original beauty. Once your dress arrives in the facility it goes through our meticulous two week long process which includes hand treatment, through examination for repairs and special stain treatments. After the cleaning process comes the pressing and preserving process. The dress is hand pressed with care and then a special preservation application is applied on the dress to keep it from ever yellowing. At the end of the preservation process, the wedding gown will be boxed up in a keep-sake box. Remember, to bring your dress in shortly after your wedding before the stains from that night settle in.

What are the benefits?

  • The preservation will protect your wedding dress from ever being harmed or destroyed. You will have the option to have it placed in a beautiful white box with a clear window front. We also have customization options available for the box to keep that ever lasting memory. Customization options can include names, dates and picture of the happy couple. This is a great way to keep the dress accessible to look at without damaging it.

When ready to preserve your wedding dress bring it in to either our Addison or University Park location and we will be sure to get this need taken care of for you. If you are within the Dallas vicinity we can schedule a complimentary pick-up and delivery for you. Over the years we have been trusted by over 1000 brides to clean and preserve their wedding dress.  We pride ourselves in the service we provide and hope you will trust us when the time comes to preserve your special days memories.